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Here on dA, I draw manga and anime characters from scratch. Many are just copies of already-existing pictures, a few are originals.

I ONLY use graphite, on A4 paper, scanned. Photoshopping is minimal, I only use brightness/contrast to correct gamma and luminosity to match the actual drawing the best I can in reality. Nothing else, which is the least I can say for most other people on here who claim to do the same, what you see here is no different from the actual drawing.

PEOPLE WHO USE DIGITAL SMOOTHING IN TRADITIONAL ART ARE SILLY. There are ways to do it traditionally, it's a big slap in the face to those of us who actually do take the the time to do it manually.

I am often away from dA due to my musical commitments in metal band Kaeryx. Where I play guitar. This band is still getting its shit together but we're nearly ready to release our first song, "In the Dust".


Take the time to check out the photography of my good friend and our bass guitarist, :iconnml-photography:, who is also here on dA.
First and foremost, I wish to apologise to many of my long-time watchers who over the years, even on my older profile that I abandoned, have offered me much support and always enjoyed my artwork. I didn't really want to leave for so long.

I want to say that I'm finally back here and actively producing artwork. I am in fact, in the process of drawing again- this time I think I can honestly say that what I'm about to produce is going to push the bar as high as I've been able to push it.

20140119 012942 by Caeryx

This is going to be employing many new forms of techniques that uses different drawing equipment (all pencil still, NO INK) as I have been learning how to blend and emphasise pencil drawings to the point where they look close to digital art. If this succeeds then I believe I am facing one hell of a future here on dA. I don't want to let you people down anymore. I feel I now have the ability to produce some insane quality artwork and I don't want to waste my ability like I have been doing for the last year.

I have noticed that a lot (if not all) of the popular full-pencil traditional anime art is really good looking but heavily Photoshopped (blending, correctional stuff, anything that makes it look better than the actual real-life image). As I myself am becoming very proficient in Photoshop, I am becoming able to notice these techniques as employed on a lot of these drawings (now remember I'm talking about full-graphite pencil, black and white). I find it very deceiving. I don't really condone it- I just think that if you're going to take the time to create something so close to reality (pencil is very traditional, it is rooted in traditionalism. No matter what style you draw, you can't argue that fact) then you should make the source material as truthful as possible. If you aren't skilled enough to do such things on your own back, with your own two hands then why the hell would you misrepresent your own artwork by heavily changing it through digital media? Yes, yes. It looks much better. But what if you could actually do that with your ability as an artist?

That is a far more respectable and valuable tool as a traditional artist than Photoshop is. At least, I think so. I will strive towards this goal in the face of those who do not. I want my drawings to be better and better. I want my scans to reflect exactly that which I have created with my own two hands.

I'm busy as hell at the moment, it should take me around 2-3 weeks to complete this now. With that said, I have been working on it quite a lot already. Getting the line art right for this was very time consuming... There were a lot of smoke breaks involved :iconfacepalmplz:

Well, I hope many of you will enjoy it when it's done. THERE'S A LOT MORE TO COME! I've seen a lot more anime since I left dA and I have a lot of really inspirational characters to draw!


As we all know art is what keeps many people sane. I just so happened to forget that this art did something special to me. I makes me feel empowered as a human being, it allows me to refresh from the bullshit of every day life. I'm sure that many other people feel this same way. That emotion only pushes us artisans to strive harder in the face of those that are annoying, ignorant and downright irritating. A lot of people have been pissing me off in my work and personal life and this is becoming an incredibly satisfying escape again.

Peace and love, from your friendly Anon metal-loving hippy,

  • Listening to: King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon
  • Playing: Pokémon HeartGold
  • Drinking: Tea

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